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28 September
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The first time I got injured, was with a mic stand in New York. I was in the hospital while the rest of the band was out to go partying. The time after that scared me the most. At the end of a show we usually destroy the drums, just when I placed my hand on the bassdrum; the guitarist smashed his guitar on it. I thought for a moment that my career had ended right there. At that moment I was still having physical therapy for my neck and left arm (micstand incident) and now they could also start threatening my right hand. Luckily, I didn't break anything.

At the beginning of the Mechanical Animals tour, I tore my knee ties. Every time when I would be a little fanatical on my double bass, my knee disk would shoot out of place and I wouldn't be able to stretch my leg out. Almost the whole tour I spent my time sitting with ice on my knee. Just before we came to Europe, there was time to get those knee ties surgically corrected. My right hand had still not recovered from that guitar incident so I tried to play with my left hand for most of the time.

When we started with the Guns, God and Government tour, I had just recovered a little. My drum tech didn't like the fact that he had to repair my drums every day. So when we played in New York, he had everything tied to the drum stage with Kevlar straps. Manson came up to me and wanted to pull the drum kit over, as he does every night. Only it didn't work because everything was tied down, so Manson starts pulling and I start pushing. Just as Manson walks away and says, 'Nevermind,' the straps broke and I fell off my drum riser, almost two meters down. My left collarbone was broken. I played the whole tour with a taped shoulder. At the end of the tour, my collarbone was still broken.

A month after the fall, the feeling in my left foot disappeared. All of a sudden I couldn't play double bass anymore. It was hard to play the shows. Then I started to exercise my left foor a little more and use my twin pedal. During the tour I saw a lot of doctors and they tried everything, nothing worked. When the tour was over, I got myself checked out at a hospital to see what was wrong. It turned out that my vertebra had moved, so they put it back in place. Now I have feeling in my foot, but it's not completely ok. Good thing this tour is going smoothly. I've only got some bruises.

If I have the chance, I will keep playing with Marilyn Manson til I drop dead. People know me mainly through my work with him and I want to keep it that way. Trust is everything to me. Keith Moon was the drummer of The Who and he died as the drummer of The Who. I want that too. I've played Premier my whole life, just like Moon, 27 years. When I see all those drumers around me switching brands, it makes me sick. I still have the certificate from my first Premier kit. I went to the Premier factory a few months ago, that meant a lot to me. Trust is everything.

I don't have time for side projects and my work with Manson. I'm on tour like 8 months a year and in the four remaining months, we have to work on new stuff and prepare for a new tour. That's my life. It's important. I don't like those typical rockstar things like you see on MTV Cribs. I don't even have a car, let alone five. I don't even have my own house. Why should I buy a big house when I'm not there for eight months? I have a little storage place with my whole life in it. I don't need more. I want to be able to go quick and easy without any worries.

[I'm also going to tell you that I'm not Ginger Fish. This journal is part of a roleplaying game and is entirely a work of Fishy Fiction. Consult the disclaimer link above.

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