Closed like Mother Theresa's legs. (fishgingerly) wrote,
Closed like Mother Theresa's legs.

When last you heard from me, I was busily growing my hair out while waiting for my arm to mend. I'm still doing both of those, though my arm is for the most part ready to go.

While I was down and out I had a lot of free time to deal with, and I spent some of that time thinking about what I hadn't accomplished yet, musically speaking, that I still wanted to do. So I got together with my friends David Scott and James Marino to form Martyr Plot, my new side project. David's on guitar and vocals, James picks up bass with me (natch) on drums. One of the new songs is called "In The Red" and it's available online if you look hard enough. The kind people at Fishrine.Net used to have it up but I'm not sure if it's still there or not, so you might want to check.

That's all for now. Tour soon!

[My interest in this role has diminished from scanty at best to very nearly nonexistent. It'd be safe to consider this the last update from me as I know jack shit about Ginger, care jack shit about Ginger, and I was keeping him to screen out unsavories from Family gatherings that never seem to quite gel anymore. Therefore, I fail to see the point in keeping him from someone who may (for Hell knows whatever reason) really, really want to play Ginger Fish. So here's your chance, kids. Knock yourselves out. Try not to trip over yourselves in what will, no doubt, be a mad dash for the role.]
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