Closed like Mother Theresa's legs. (fishgingerly) wrote,
Closed like Mother Theresa's legs.

At long last I can finally say that I'm very near to 100%, coming soon to a stage near you.

As much as I enjoyed being able to take a long break away from everything, I missed it quite a bit. Nothing I do is ever really the same as being on tour, and no tour can compare with a Manson tour. Chris is a good man and a great drummer but I couldn't help but feel jealousy when I see him on the riser where I'm supposed to be. When I'm not falling off it, I suppose. Maybe weighted boots this time around, or a bungee cord.

I do have a new picture that I'm going to put behind a cut so as to not frighten anyone unnecessarily. Taken on Manson's birthday so it's not at the peak of freshness, yet not quite at the Sell By date.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

That's all for now.
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