Closed like Mother Theresa's legs. (fishgingerly) wrote,
Closed like Mother Theresa's legs.

Battered Fish

I'm broken. My arm, my nose, my touring plans. It wasn't "immediately apparent" what caused the fall, they said. But I'll tell you. C'mere. Closer. Closer.


Ok? That's it, really. I was doing one of those pinwheel arms manue mano manookjfalkjfuck MOVEMENTS and I just fell over like a fucking idiot ok? I wasn't on anything. Nothing was thrown at me. I fell and yes ha ha maybe I do need a fucking Lifecall pendant.

At the end of that same fucking week, I turned 39.

I'm that much closer to becoming the axe murderer of your dreams.

PS: Accept no imitations. Except maybe chrisvrenna but only for a few weeks. I'm not going anywhere, fuckers.
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